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The Middle Ground is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to restoring the voice of the people to its rightful first place in American society.  By posting their own videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other social media sites, or submitting video scripts for production and posting by TMG on social media,  ordinary Americans can become part of TMG’s  “people’s think tank.”  However, the Middle Ground website is a “no politicians zone.”  Polarizing divisiveness from special interest groups and extremists will also be excluded. TMGis meant to be a safe haven from extremists, where bona fide “grass roots democracy” can grow. The Middle Ground seeks to encourage  concerned citizens to develop new, creative ideas to address social, economic and governmental problems unhindered by the acrimony that ruins most online forums.  Through TMG, reasonable people without an axe to grind can work together online, in a positive, cooperative setting to try to make things better for everyone.

The Middle Ground’s mission is to use the power of the internet and social media for good by focusing and magnifying the moderate, reasonable voice of the vast majority of the American people instead of the noise of self-interested politicians, media elites, extremists and profiteers that dominate other online conversations.   The Middle Ground seeks to promote “win-win” solutions that help everyone, not just one side or the other.  Some might call it radical centrism—radical because it seeks immediate action and centrist because it simultaneously favors compromise and moderation.   ideas can be original, brand new, ideas, disfavored, unpopular, borrowed or revived ideas, or even slight tweaks of mainstream ideas.

The goal is that, when the larger online community embraces  TMG “radical centrist” ideas  the “Moderate Middle” people are taking control of the agenda to drive real, constructive changes that help everyone, not one side or the other.   

As a 501(c)(3) organization, The Middle Ground does not support or advocate any particular legislation or regulatory action and never supports a political candidate, political party, special interest group, private business or individual.  It’s up to the people participating in TMG’s online vision, the heretofore “Silent Centrists,” to develop and promote the best ideas that can help everyone.


TMG TUBERS >>> Americans with nonpartisan, constructive ideas for addressing social, economic and political problems watch the videos posted by TMG on YouTube and other social media sites.  The TMG videos are designed to “start the conversation” by spurring others, i.e., “TMG Tubers,” to refine, develop and promote similarly positive, productive ideas on social media.  TMG and TMG Tubers may not always agree on the details but we share the purpose of making things better for everyone, not just one side or the other.   TMG Tubers create their own videos and post them on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media sites, hopefully with a shout out/hashtag to TMG for starting the conversation. 

TMG SCREENWRITERS >>> Friends of The Middle Ground who don’t want to create their own videos because of the hassle or maybe just because they’re camera shy, can submit their video scripts to TMG for production and posting on The Middle Ground’s YouTube channel or another social media site.  The Middle Ground will try to produce and post as many videos from scripts submitted by “TMG Screenwriters” as possible.  Scripts are more likely to be produced and posted if they are short (5 minutes or less) nonpartisan (no promotion or abuse of political candidates, parties or platforms), moderate (no extremism, left or right), positive (no racism, sexism or other group hatefulness) and constructive (no divisiveness, vengefulness or unrealistic and imaginary nostalgia). Priority will be given to scripts that are thoughtful, creative, innovative and, hopefully, realistic (at least in the long run).



Like what The Middle Ground is doing but don’t want to post your own video or submit a script for production and posting by TMG?  You can still volunteer to provide services or just make a cash donation.

In terms of services, TMG always needs help producing and disseminating more and better “start the conversation” videos.  That help could include new faces and voices in front of the camera as well as skills in video editing and enhancing visibility on social media platforms and the internet generally.  

If you haven’t got time to volunteer your services, you can always make a cash donation.  All donations will be used to fund the production and distribution of TMG’s online videos and to manage and maintain The Middle Ground as an independent, nonpartisan forum for ordinary Americans. 

Because The Middle Ground is a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are eligible for deduction from your taxes as charitable contribution.

Ways to Help


Check out some of the “radical centrist” ideas on TMG and get inspired to post your own video on your favorite social media site.  Don’t forget to give us a shout out in your video to encourage others to visit our website, YouTube channel or other social media postings.  If you don’t share our vision of the “Silent Center”  and the “Middle Majority,” that’s OK, it’s still a free country.  But if you do go that way, please skip the acknowledgment of TMG’s role in inspiring your video.  As unlikely as it sounds, we don’t want The Middle Ground to become a target of online hate from extremists on either end of the political spectrum.  While TMG doesn’t have the resources to provide individual critiques of every video posted by a TMG Tuber, we may provide feedback on your posting in one of our own TMG scripted and produced video postings.   BTW, political correctness is not a TMG standard by any means but, for everyone’s sake, mutual respect and civil discourse should be the touchstone of all online postings supporting TMG and its effort to promote “radical centrism.”


If you just can’t imagine yourself making a video, then you can submit a video script with your nonpartisan, moderate, constructive idea in writing here. Scripting a video for The Middle Ground to produce is just another way to make a positive contribution to TMG’s mission.   The Middle Ground will then consider making a TMG video based on your script and posting it on the TMG YouTube channel or another social media site.  You can even submit an idea for a video script and ask TMG to write the script for the video. TMG will always do its best to turn great ideas into great videos.


If you support The Middle Ground’s mission but don’t have the ideas or video ambitions to be a TMG Tuber or Screenwriter, consider joining The Middle Ground and volunteering your time to help TMG manage its operations.  You can help TMG produce its videos, in front of or behind the camera, or in post-filming editing.  You can help with the process of reviewing, considering, producing and posting video  scripts submitted by TMG Screenwriters.  If you don’t see your talents lying in any of those areas, TMG can use the help of volunteers with other skills. If you do want to contribute your services to support the cause, send your  résumé or another summary of your skills or interests and we will do our best to find a place for you.  TMG needs people who share our passion for compromise, our taste for moderation and our zeal to help nonpartisan constructive solutions be heard and considered.


As a nonprofit, The Middle Ground’s only source of financial support is donations.  There is no charge to view TMG videos, submit video scripts or written ideas to TMG.  By their financial contributions, TMG  Donors provide financial support for TMG’s mission of promoting compromise and moderation and, when change is needed, “win-win” solutions that don’t favor either end of the political spectrum. Donors are absolutely essential because they provide the critical financial support needed for TMG to fulfill its mission of giving a home and a voice to America’s “Moderate Majority.” Because it is a IRC 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization,  financial donations to The Middle Ground may be deductible from income taxes.

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