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Join TMG and then make a video, submit it to us, and wait for publication or feedback.  While The Middle Ground does not have the resources to provide individual criticism, promising videos that fall short of TMG’s standards for posting may sometimes receive feedback in the form of advice, suggestions or constructive criticism along with encouragement to re-submit an improved video.  Making a video for The Middle Ground should be a fun way to make a positive contribution to TMG’s mission.  Political correctness is not a TMG standard but, for everyone’s sake, TMG will insist on mutual respect and civil discourse in all posted videos. 


If you just can’t imagine yourself making a video, even a basic one using your phone, then you can submit your nonpartisan, moderate, constructive idea in writing here.   The Middle Ground will then consider making a TMG video about your idea and posting it on the TMG YouTube channel.  You can even submit a complete video script and ask TMG to use it for the video. 

Join TMG and submit the outline, summary, video script or story board for your idea.  We at TMG will do our best to turn great ideas into great videos.

Fill out the form below to start the process of becoming a TMG Tuber or Screenwriter.  After you submit this form, you will receive a verification email (please check your spam folder for the verification email).  After you verify your email address, you will be vetted to ensure you are not a candidate for political office or an agent of a political candidate, political party or special interest group. After vetting, you will be permitted to upload videos and submit scripts for posting on The Middle Ground website and YouTube channel.  Thank you for your patience with the process. We feel it’s necessary to ensure that we always remain a safe haven from partisan rancor.