Frequently Asked Questions

TMG’s founders believe that Americans are losing touch with their political, business and other leaders.  They also believed that one of the most important parts of being American has always been fairness and tolerance for everyone. Fairness and tolerance require a lot of listening to each other and, based on the resulting mutual understanding ,  compromising. We have a tradition of trying to find things that we can agree on instead of dwelling on our differences.  Unfortunately, it’s gotten very difficult to do that in this age of media sensationalism, radical activists and polarized political parties, fueled by online extremist outlets. While TMG acknowledges that Americans will never agree on everything (and shouldn’t),  The Middle Ground exists to remind Americans that we should be seeking agreement, and not discord, wherever we can find it.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, The Middle Ground does not advocate any particular message or idea, and never supports or endorses any politician or political party. TMG only seeks to create a place where nonpartisanship, moderation and compromise can flourish. The Middle Ground encourages TMG Tubers, Screenwriters, Volunteers, Donors and visitors to take action in favor of the moderate, nonpartisan ideas that they support but the ideas they support are chosen by them, not TMG.  While that support may be expressed by voting, social media campaigns, public speaking, lobbying or even individual spending or living habits., as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, The Middle Ground will not be involved in any efforts to promote or endorse a particular idea or action.

The internet is overflowing with the voices of political zealots who pander to homogenous audiences seeking confirmation of their own one-sided perspectives.  There are also some sincere and well-meaning bipartisan organizations seeking to defuse the acrimony between Republicans and Democrats., There are, however, few if any truly nonpartisan organizations who neither embrace nor reject any politicians or political parties.

The unwillingness of zealots on either end of the political spectrum to abandon their firmly held political views in order to achieve real progress is the reason that The Middle Ground exists.  TMG is not here to be a discussion forum, which probably should be open to all; we’re here to help sincere, apolitical Americans avoid the obfuscation of politics and actually get something done.

As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, The Middle Ground is prohibited from supporting political parties, political candidates, political platforms or even particular political issues.  TMG never takes sides, except to say that all sides need to consider practical realities and, based on those truths, work together to achieve compromises that benefit the people as a whole.  TMG appreciates that no action is 100% correct, no solution helps absolutely everyone.  But doing little more than bicker with each other is a disservice to the country and its citizens. So The Middle Ground provides a place where practical, common sense solutions conceived by nonpartisan citizens for the benefit of everyone can be brought to the fore. 

No.  The Middle Ground is just a place where the people can talk about their own suggestions for making America an even better place. Because it is devoid of partisanship, TMG might be thought of as a safe haven, an oasis in the American political desert, where reason, common sense and compromise flow freely   But it is not now, and will never be, a political party that nominates political candidates or issues political platforms.

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