Learn how to make a difference

The Middle Ground is a place where nonpartisan, Americans can come together to work on practical,  constructive ideas for addressing social, economic and political problems. TMG Tubers create their own videos and submit them for possible posting on The Middle Ground’s YouTube channel.  To be considered for posting, videos must be short (5 minutes maximum, 3 minutes or less preferred), nonpartisan (no promotion of political candidates, parties or platforms), moderate (no extremist views, left or right), positive (no racism, sexism or hatefulness of any kind) and constructive (no divisiveness, vengefulness or unrealistic nostalgia).

Most important, however, is the quality of the idea proposed in the video.  Is it thoughtful, creative, innovative and, hopefully, realistic?  Even if there doesn’t seem to be a path forward for the idea to be implemented right now, wishful ideas will be considered for posting.  Sometimes the acceptance of less ambitious changes in the future will pave the way for ideas that might seem like unrealistic idealism today.

Ways to Help


Join TMG and make a video, submit it to us, and wait for publication or feedback.  While The Middle Ground does not have the resources to provide individual critiques of every video submitted for posting, promising videos may receive feedback in the form of advice, suggestions or constructive criticism along with encouragement to re-submit an improved video.  Making a video for The Middle Ground should be a fun way to make a positive contribution to TMG’s mission.  Political correctness is not a TMG standard but, for everyone’s sake, TMG insists on mutual respect and civil discourse in all posted videos. 


If you just can’t imagine yourself making a video, even a basic one made with your smartphone, then you can submit a video script with your nonpartisan, moderate, constructive idea in writing here.   The Middle Ground will then consider making a TMG video based on your script and posting it on the TMG YouTube channel.  You can even submit an idea for a video script and ask TMG to write the script for the video. 

 TMG will do its best to turn great ideas into great videos.


If you support The Middle Ground’s mission but don’t have the ideas or video ambitions to be a TMG Tuber or Screenwriter, consider joining TMG and volunteering your time to help TMG manage the process of reviewing, considering and posting video ideas submitted by Tubers and Screenwriters.  If you don’t see your talents lying in that area, TMG needs the help of volunteers in many other ways. 

Write to The Middle Ground with a résumé or other summary of your skills or interests and we will do our best to find a place for you.  We are looking for people who share our passion for compromise, taste for moderation and zeal to help nonpartisan constructive solutions be heard and considered.


As a nonprofit, The Middle Ground’s only source of support is donations.  There is no charge to view TMG videos, submit videos or written ideas to TMG.  TMG  Donors provide financial support and share their views on the causes of problems as well as potential solutions. Donors do not commit time or effort to help The Middle Ground develop concrete proposals for action. They do, however,  provide the critical financial support needed for TMG to fulfill its mission of giving a home and a voice to America’s “Moderate Majority.”

Your donations will be used to support that mission.  Because it is a IRC 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization,  donations to The Middle Ground may be deductible from income taxes.